Investing and development

The management of RMH GENERAL TRADING stressed that they continue to invest in the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and over the past few years such investments have amounted to tens of millions of dollars. The clear evidence of investments was the launch of an industrial enterprise. RMH GENERAL TRADING is interested in the economic prosperity of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Launch of a steel plant in Aktau

A huge amount of work was done thanks to an investor who invested a large amount of money in the object. Current production capacities allow to produce up to 250 thousand tons of rolled metal per year. The total area of the plant is 15.2 hectares. The steel shop of the plant is equipped with a 25-ton electric arc furnace for melting metal and a ladle furnace unit of the same capacity for out-of-furnace processing of liquid steel. And this is only the beginning, as the company is planning further reconstruction work in order to expand production. Half of Aktau Steel is owned by foreign investors. The general director noted that reinforcing steel is in high demand in the domestic market, and despite the fact that export orders have already been received, the company gives priority to local customers.

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